Tracey Kay

“I’m interested in understanding from all the diverse participants here today. What’s some of the problems are that they think that perhaps the Internet of Things could help them to solve where we can maybe get some efficiencies and improved patient outcomes. In terms of what the Internet of Things can do and what are some of the challenges are, it’s fantastic because you can get a lot of data in about the healthcare, about the patients and individuals. That data enables people and the patients themselves to actually monitor and see their own progress in health. But, from a challenge perspective you’ve got then to consider security, you’ve got to consider privacy to really think about what type of data you want to collect to solve the problems that you’re trying to solve. So, while there are a lot of challenges to work through I think the outcomes for health in general will be fantastic.”

Tracey Kay | Managing Director, Axiomatic | LinkedIn | E-mail