“I think we need to really raise awareness amongst the practicing community and also I guess the entrepreneurial community about just how significant this topic is. I think that we’ve all grown up blissfully unaware of just how vulnerable we might be and I think that we need to be taking all the learning’s from todays breakfast and potentially disseminating that through people that are ideating, building and trying to sell product because right now I don’t think the health tech community really has a well-developed immune system. We’re very vulnerable to attack.

I think the best way to reach the health tech community is to probably work on networking the networks. That’s something that we’re trying to do with the convenery, but I guess at the moment with all the fragmentation we have people at universities, incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces… we probably need to start building the links between those existing tribes. But, in terms of the best way I feel like these events are fantastic ways because there’s nothing like the embodied conversation, the face-to-face to bring it all to life for people to really have visceral sense. I think follow-up information, newsletters, blogs, podcasts are all great, but I think when someone shows up in the flesh to something then they go away and potentially tell five people about it and so and so forth. So, there’s nothing like being connected to the network to make people smarter and also safer.”

Mei Ling Doery | Young Clinician and Strategy & Innovation Advisor | LinkedIn