“Internet of Things opens up huge opportunities particularly around consumer engagements which has been an area in healthcare and particularly in e-health that has been lacking. Health technology implementation has been focused on healthcare professionals and the Internet of Things gives us an opportunity whereby we can use particularly wearable devices in home technology to really allow consumers to be actively engaged in their healthcare by being able to reflect on health data that’s been created, collected, interactive with their healthcare professionals. So, I see just like many other industries where consumer is really driving many of the channels in which industry are interacting, healthcare that’s happening for us as well. So, out of today, I’m really interested to see where companies are going with the Internet of Things in healthcare, where they see the greatest opportunity to interface with the Internet of Things. I don’t think it’s really in the psyche of many healthcare providers of the Internet of Things does create this consumer opportunity, but it’s certainly an area where I think there’ll be enormous investment in the future.”

Mal Thatcher | Healthcare Executive / CIO, eHealth Queensland | LinkedIn | E-mail | Twitter