Older Australians are affluent, health literate and proactive in managing their own health and they are using digital tools to do so, reveals a new report from Accenture which says there is an emerging market for consumer digital health products.

The report “Silver Surf’s Up: Senior citizens are riding the digital health wave”, says digital tools empower older Australians to engage with the healthcare system as informed consumers.

A mushrooming elderly segment is putting complex pressures on the healthcare system—from an increased prevalence of chronic conditions to growing demand for wellness services that keep people healthier longer. Strategies and interventions that reduce costs and improve quality and health outcomes must be targeted toward senior citizens’ health management behaviours.

Silver surfers are people age 65 and over who use digital technology in their daily lives.

Research shows:

  • 57 percent believe technology is vital to managing their health, and
  • 52 percent say this is because technology helps them understand their conditions and medications.
  • 59 percent are willing to wear or already wear technology that tracks vital signs, and many think wearables help with understanding health conditions, health engagement, and overall quality of health.
  • 42 percent of seniors would also be willing to share Patient Generated Health Data from wearables or mobile apps with their health insurer. This could become a rich source of population health data to inform aged care interventions.

The report is available for download here (PDF).