simonResourceHISA was excited with the level of engagement and participation at the first of our Innovating Health Roundtables. We discussed the Culture of Innovation in Healthcare. We thank the attendees for their attendance. We also thank Simon Terry for his guidance and experience through the discussion.

Our key take-away as participants and observers at the event were:

  • System Innovation – A new way of thinking is required. When we speak innovation we need to be speaking health system innovation.
  • Many good ideas – There are lots of things happening and many good ideas out there. Healthcare is full of smart people that have great ideas to create improvements and change. They work in a system which has many barriers and constraints.
  • Better innovation process is required – The pace of digital change is happening at a faster rate than healthcare is changing. A process which better enabled healthcare organisations to enable innovation is required.
  • Potential for principles – Principles for healthcare innovation would be a valuable tool to assist with health organisations in particular dealing with innovative change. Principles would complement, guide and support governance arrangements in managing innovation in healthcare.
  • Embrace enablers – Engaging the emerging digital health entrepreneurs and solutions enabled by existing standards and protocols for interoperability will provide greater scope for innovation and change.

A summary paper of the themes explored at the event can be found here.

We look forward to our next event in series in Brisbane – Internet of Things (IoT) with our guide David Jonas. Further details and discussion about the 1st event and series can be found here.