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Simon Terry, Founder of Change Agents Worldwide, led a recent discussion in Sydney with a number of health and industry leaders to understand what can be done with the culture of innovation in healthcare.

Reflecting on the recent Australian Government’s Innovation Statement, associated State government programs, changes in corporate governance regarding innovation, and the growing market energy and hype around digital health – how can healthcare take advantage, build a culture of innovation, and ultimately transform to be a better connected system?

The event highlighted that there was no shortage of good ideas out there, but there were still many internal, organisational and structural barriers which made those ideas move to reality difficult. The consensus was that we need to start thinking differently about how we approach healthcare in general. That is, how we engage with health consumers and patients around their health literacy and personal well-being, how we manage good ideas to projects and acceptance of failure, and how we collaborate and work together as key stakeholders in building an asynchronous healthcare system.

A number of take-away points from the discussion were captured and can be found here to view the report.