Intelligent procurement in healthcare

“How can we rethink the supply chain and procurement in healthcare to be smarter, get better return, and achieve efficiencies?”

Working with a real-life practical case examples this executive lunchtime session will allow a strategic discussion on the emerging business trends and digital solutions driving intelligent procurement across the multiple sectors of healthcare. We will look to other experiences across other industries and reflect on opportunities and potential application for the delivery of health services in Australia.

Our special guest Bob Beusekom Group Director Corporate and Shared Services Mater Health Group will discuss and highlight challenges and experiences as a senior executive. Practical observations will position our discussion around supply chain management and procurement for a large group operating private hospitals and facilities.

The case study will form the basis of a design session supported by a Design Thinking facilitator to work through a structured discussion to identify some take away solutions and approaches to support ongoing business strategy and service implementation.

Wednesday 10 July 2019
12.00pm – 2:30pm lunch

South Brisbane, QLD 4101

Belinda Yasar
(03) 9326 3311

Bob Beusekom

Bob Beusekom

Group Director Corporate and Shared Services

Mater Health Services

Meet our presenter

Bob Beusekom has delivered value around the world for around 30 years. His previous roles include Program Manager, Chief Information Officer, Finance Director and Non-Executive Director.

Bob has led many transformations and is currently working as an Executive Director in a large Health Organisation. He is known for his diverse and high-performing teams and is often hired to facilitate change and improve performance. Bob’s sweet spot is where business, finance and IT come together, with a strategic mind and a people focus.

On a personal note, he has been to more than 100 countries and is still counting…