Bringing it Together @ HIC

Bringing It Together @ HIC   A special invite workshop to bring together key findings and priorities examined in the Innovating Health Series, to continue to create a ‘new’ conversation of change, and provide practical steps to drive innovation and health system reform moving forward.

The Innovating Health Series has been running over 2016-17 bringing together health executive and industry leaders around health sector priorities, challenging the status quo, and looking for practical pathways for innovation and change for the betterment of healthcare. The Series delivered in partnership with HISA and Accenture is set against a back drop of the Australian Government’s Innovation Statement, societal and digital change, and asking what can healthcare do to drive innovative change in a fast-changing world including service and system reform.


As part of the Innovating Health Series we asked healthcare executives and leaders who have participated in the series to date to answer a number of key questions in measuring innovation. This exercise was conducted to establish an initial baseline, understand what is occurring across multiple organisations and inform on priority and key topical areas.


Accenture’s Innovation Index was used as the basis for the survey questions. The Innovation Index is a methodology and tool which is used internationally across multiple sectors. A subset of 16 questions was used to as a basis for the Innovating Health Series Survey. The survey was online, emailed to series participants. A follow-up call was made where possible to ensure the survey was completed by as many participants as possible to ensure it was reflective of stakeholder involvement. The survey was conducted by HISA over June and July 2017. High level results were presented at the Bringing It Together workshop. Results will be shared with all Innovating Health Series participants.

An upcoming roundtable will be taking place in Brisbane on June 28 as part of the Health Informatics Conference (HIC). The details are as follows:

Date Tuesday 8 August, 2017
Time 1:50PM – 3:20PM
Location Mezzanine Level, Room 2, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Address Merivale St & Glenelg Street, South Brisbane, QLD 4101

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Greg Moran

Greg Moran

Greg Moran leads business development for HISA. He has a worked in a range of roles in strategic business development, management consulting, commercialisation and delivering improvement programs across health and human services.

He is passionate about health system outcomes and the transformative role that digital technology and the use of data can bring. He seeks to make a contribution by bringing knowledge, expertise and individuals together to influence and drive change.

Now living in Sydney, Greg continues to grow the HISA brand and business to deliver greater value to its members and supporters. He is a keen cyclist who must get a ride in every few days!

We welcomed previous participants in the Series and invited conference delegates interested to attend to hear topical insights and strategies to deliver the key priorities in health system change today and what our health and industry leaders are collectively thinking. The session was a knowledge sharing exercise, escalating awareness, policy impact and delivered tangible next steps for innovation and change.