Digital addressing health in areas of disadvantage

Digital addressing health in areas of disadvantage: How can the digital health ecosystem deliver measurable improvements in healthcare outcomes for the disadvantaged?

Whilst the health system strives to provide equal access to treatment and care for everyone, we know that some people and population groups have poor access to both health and social care services generally leading to worse health outcomes. As the Australian digital health ecosystem of payers, providers and digital intermediaries grows in capability and capacity, how does it target deprived populations? We know historically, cookie cutter approaches to health service provision have not improved health outcomes for deprived populations. In fact, the ‘worried well’ have been the fastest adopters of digital health.


An upcoming roundtable will be taking place in Canberra on June 13. The details are as follows:

Date Wednesday 13 June, 2018
Time 11:30am – 2:00pm
Location Canberra


We have asked our innovation guide to pose a practical problem of people who are disadvantaged when it comes to access to care and who also deal with social issues such as homelessness, community housing, domestic violence etc. and the resulting impacts on the health and social care sector, and to the people involved. The session will be supported by Adrian Wilson, Senior Manager and Lead Design Thinking from Second Road.