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HISA is pleased to partner with Accenture on the Innovating Health thought leadership series.

Using round-table events as a catalyst, targeting topical health industry challenges, we aim to raise the profile of the digital health innovation agenda in healthcare. We seek to bring together health leaders with industry experts, challenging the zeitgeist with disruptive perspectives, harnessing our collective ideation and ultimately generating new solutions to stimulate sector change.

We are creating a new conversation. Never before has the Australian health system experienced such an imperative to change and the need to transform is vital for both system sustainability and improved population health.

Latest Discussion

Simon Terry guides the first Innovative Health roundtable

In the very first roundtable, Simon explored the culture, approaches and systems required for effective innovation in healthcare. What are the business drivers of innovation in healthcare? What are the disruptive services, product offerings, technologies and business...

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David Jonas, Capital Markets CRC

David gives an introduction on the second roundtable, specifically; how the internet of things and technology have the capabilities to create a precise and personalized health care system. David's objective is making health professionals realise that we can start...

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David Bunker, Queensland Genomics Health Alliance

Abstract "One of the key things we need to think about with the Internet of Things is the proliferation, or volumes of data, that we're going to be experiencing. One of the things we learnt in developing national electronic health records, and thinking about...

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E-safety is all about patient safety. Help us reduce the risk from incorrect, missing, incomplete and delayed health information. Take part in this consultation. E-safety is all about patient safety. Help us reduce the risk from incorrect, missing, incomplete and...

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Simon Goodrich, Portable

Abstract "What I found really interesting was that we’ve moved beyond just the basic word of people’s individual security and it’s a broader security of all of us together with this sharing of information. And if anything, what was really interesting is two points;...

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Jason Potts, RMIT University Melbourne

Abstract "Well, I’m an innovation economist and the problems with health and the problems with human cyberspace from innovation perspective are just enormous. These are both fields that are mired in legacy effects that where innovation is expensive and difficult,...

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Philip Browning, Guild of S&K

Abstract "Blockchain is an immerging technology. It enables a distributed system. Health has been in silos and welfare has been in the other silos. Blockchain provides the opportunity to decentralize data and to individual actives to own the data and potentially...

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Annette Panzera, Catholic Health Australia

Abstract "Well, I was very interested in what he had to say because I have longed for in Australia that not being able to share information between health providers is actually a great detriment to the patient and the question of ownership of the data that would lead...

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Past Roundtables

Roundtable 1
The Culture of Innovation

Roundtable 2
Healthcare and the Internet of Things

Roundtable 3
Digital Innovation and Cybersecurity

Roundtable 4
The Blending of Health and Human Services

The Culture of Innovation
Sydney 27 April 2016

Internet of Things
Brisbane 29 June 2016

Melbourne 27 July 2016

Canberra 1 September 2016


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